Finals Performer | Elizabeth Barrow

Coloratura soprano Elizabeth Barrow will be performing as a soloist tonight in the first round of finals for The Talent, live from the Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio here at 3MBS.


Elizabeth completed her Bachelor of Music at the Australian Catholic University and in 2013 completed her Honours at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

Elizabeth has held a position with Opera Scholars Australia for the past four years. She is the current recipient of the Hardy Family Scholarship.

Elizabeth has been involved in several operas. She performed as Gianetta in The Gondoliers, Chorus Leader for Victorian Opera‘s The Magic Pudding, Archangel for Victorian Youth Opera’s The Play of Herod, The Evil Queen in Opera Scholars Australia’s Snow White and other Grimm Tales, Chorus Leader for Victorian Opera’s Remembrance Tour and was a member of the chorus for Victorian Opera’s I Puritani. Recently, Elizabeth appeared as The Bird in Victorian Youth Opera’s Grumpiest Boy in the World.

In June 2016, Elizabeth began her artistic development in the Developing Artists Program with Victorian Opera. As part of this program Elizabeth has sung the roles of Rosemary Sprigg in Richard Mills’ The Pied Piper  and has performed in the chorus for Victorian Opera’s seasons of Cendrillon and Laughter and Tears. 

To continue following Elizabeth’s journey, subscribe to her artist page,

Be listening at 7pm to hear Elizabeth in tonight’s episode of The Talent, accompanied by collaborative artist Konrad Olszewski. They will peform the following repertoire:

  • Alleluia by Mozart
  • Saper Vorreste by Verdi
  • The Eliza Aria by Katz-Chernin
  • Je Veux Vivre by Gounod

Can’t listen live? Don’t worry, there will be a podcast available from Wednesday October 12.


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