Finals Performer | Leighton Triplow

Round two of the finals for Season 3 of The Talent, sees tenor Leighton Triplow returning to perform live from the Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio. He will be joined by collaborative artist Rhodri Clarke at 7pm (AEST) on Tuesday October 18th.


After graduating from the Bachelor of Music (Hons) degree at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music with high distinction, Leighton progressed on to a Master of Music (Performance) under the tutelage of Liane Keegan. His research focused on Restoration Composer Henry Purcell (1659–1695), in particular the malleable gender discourse in his secular solo songs. Leighton’s aim was to compile a performance companion to support singers with their consolidation of Purcell’s works. Aside from his specialist knowledge in Early Music, Leighton also has interest in the areas of Kodály Method and arts administration.

Leighton recently took part in a research exchange to Europe and the United Kingdom, made possible through full sponsorship from the Joyce McKenna Trust. During this time abroad, high profile concerts were arranged at the University of Birmingham, Handel House Museum and the Australian High Commission.

Leighton is regularly engaged as a soloist around Melbourne, and has performance experience spanning works from the Renaissance to Contemporary Australian music. Currently he is undertaking his PhD at The University of Melbourne. Leighton is looking forward to travelling to London in early 2017, to conduct PhD research and engage in discussion with Dame Emma Kirkby.

Leighton and Rhodri will perform the following repertoire:

  • Verbum caro factum est from Arie Devote (1608) – Ottavio Durante (d.1618)
  • Lamed. Matribus suis dixerunt (Jeremiah 2:12–2:15) from Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet (c.1660) – Johann Rosenmüller (1619–1684)
  • The Self Banished from Amphion Anglicism (1700) – John Blow (1649–1708)
  • Still I’m grieving, still lamenting from Thesaurus Musicus III (1695) – John Eccles (1668–1735)
  • I promis’d Sylvia to be true from Deliciae Musicae V (1695) – Godfrey Finger (c.1655–1730)
  • Love’s pow’r in my heart shall find no compliance Z.385 (1688) – Henry Purcell (1659–1695)
  • Credo from Missa Brevis No.1 (2012) – Maria Marcelli

Can’t listen live? Don’t worry, there will be a podcast available from Wednesday October 19th.


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