Piano and Cello | A Review of Ep. 4

The fourth round of finals for Season 3 of The Talent saw Pianist Alexander Waite and Cellist Allan Tao return to the Lady Marigold Southey Performance Studio to perform live at 7pm on November 1.

Alexander was the first artist to perform, presenting three works for solo piano. Allan performed second, presenting four pieces, with accompaniment by Hellene Hatton.

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Alexander performed a mixture of Australian and French pieces. He began with Postlude XII written by Contemporary Australian composer Daniel Riley in 2014.  From the outset, the rhythmically-demanding piece wants to keep moving forward perpetually. It was a dramatic rollercoaster of a piece, culminating with an abrupt, declarative ending. Bravo!

Nocturne no. 13 in B minor by Fauré was next in Alexander’s line-up, followed by Presto in B flat by Poulenc. Both pieces were fantastic examples of 20th Century French piano composition. The Fauré a trove of indulgent Romantic sonorities and sweeping right-hand melodies, whilst the Poulenc was a short, fast-paced, cheeky composition. Congratulations to Alex for presenting such a varied program.

Alexander’s inspiration piece was Sonata in D minor by Domenico Scarlatti, performed by Argentine pianist Martha Argerich.


Performing in the second half this week was Cellist Allan Tao. Allan and Hellene presented three pieces from Suite Populaire Espagnole by Manuel De Falla and Tchaikovsky’s Pezzo Capriccioso.

The three pieces from Suite Populaire Espagnole were all different in character, all posing different techniques and demands on the soloist. Allan chose to present No. 1 El Paño Moruno, No. 2 Asturiana and No. 6 Jota. The third of which, Jota is a style of Spanish dance, originating from the Aragon and Navarra regions.

The Tchaikovsky was a fantastic piece, evoking a somber mood so often associated with Russian Romantic music. The simplistic theme is varied fancifully by the composer to provide the capricious nature for which the work is titled. Bravo to Allan for presenting such a technically-demanding work!

Allan’s inspiration piece was Avicii’s Wake Me Up as covered by 2CELLOS.

The podcast for this episode of The Talent is now available for download. We hope you tune in next week to hear Pianist Christopher Wong and Soprano Rada Tochalna performing live at 7pm on November 8th.



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