Quartet Epiphany

We want you to meet the performers you’ve been hearing on The Talent this Season! The first group to perform are the exuberant ensemble Quartet Epiphany. Since its inception at the beginning of 2016, the quartet has been furiously devouring music from many genres including classical, jazz, early contemporary, pop and video-game music. Diversity is one of the many strengths of a saxophone quartet, so why not learn a bit of everything! All four members are studying classical music at Monash University under the direction of Lachlan Davidson and David Griffiths. Improvisation and developing stylistic elements from other musical genres is a big focus in their studies. This ensemble has been incredibly beneficial to all of it’s members, particularly in regards to instrument doubling and working together as a team. Nearly all of them are playing a saxophone which isn’t their primary instrument, so overcoming technical challenges associated with this has developed their playing. The quartet have performed earlier in the year at Dizzy’s Jazz Club and various events around Monash. They have also given a number of workshops at local schools to promote the classical saxophone stream and the repertoire they perform. Quartet Epiphany’s goal is to encourage people to form their own saxophone quartets and to keep all of this wonderful music alive. Saxophones don’t just honk, they can sound pretty when they want to!

You can listen to Quartet Epiphany’s performance on the player below, or listen to the full episode on our podcast here: http://www.spreaker.com/user/9279832/the-talent-series-4-ep-1


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