Grace Wu

Grace Wu will be playing in episode 9 of 3MBS Talent. Although Grace had a tenancy to fall asleep in her attendance to any concerts when she was smaller, Grace began playing the violin at age 6. At 8 years of age, she participated in the Brisbane International Youth Music Festival of 2012, achieving an Encouragement Award and performing a solo with the Festival Orchestra. She also won several 1st and 2nd prize on Brisbane Eisteddfod from 2012 -2014.

When she was 10, she moved to Melbourne to study with Dr. Robin Wilson. At 11, she passed the AMEB AmusA with Distinction and was awarded with the diploma certificate. Grace was also selected to participate in the ACO Academy in Brisbane and won 1st place (12 years and under) and also the Legacy Scholarship supported by Boroondara City Lions at the Boroondara Eisteddfod . Grace is also doing LmusA this year and will have the exam on 21st of September. She loves playing music “:perhaps because music make me sleep well”.

In episode 9, Grace will be playing Beethoven’s Sonata in F Major, first Movement and Gypsy Airs by JP.Sarasate.


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