Berni Maitrie

Playing piano since aged 4 with Leigh Carter in Newcastle, NSW, music was an integral part of Berni Maitrie’s life as a child. Throughout his teenage years he was involved in choir at Newcastle Grammar School and played percussion in the Newcastle Conservatorium Orchestra.  Berni was awarded his A.Mus.A from the AMEB in 2006 during year 12 and commenced studies in psychology at The University of Newcastle. He transferred to the ANU and eventually discontinued.

Berni returned to study at the ANU School of Music with Susanne Powell in 2010 and also taught himself guitar and studied voice with Rohan Thatcher.  It was around this time he discovered his passion for street performing.

He moved to Melbourne in 2012 quite suddenly, and fell into quite a deep depression following the onset of severe chronic tinnitus.  Although it “ruined music” for him at the time, eventually the only solace or relief he could find was through listening to or playing music, this really unfortunate change propelled him into a life of devotion to his original instrument, the piano. He returned to study piano at the MCM with Assoc. Prof Ronald Farren-Price in 2015, which “presented many great challenges and rewarding performance opportunities for [him]”.

For episode 10, Bernie will be playing the 1st movement from Sonata in C minorand by Franz Schubert and Sonetto 104 from Années de pèlerinage.


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