Do you want to appear on The Talent?

J2017_The Talent_facebookbanner_UPDATED.jpg

Do you let go on the cello like Yo-Yo? Sing like Sutherland? Play the piano like Perahia?

It’s easy! Audition registrations are open now and will be closing on 30 June. Live auditions are on the 8 and 9 July. Auditionees must provide their own accompanist, and prepare two contrasting works. To indicate your interest in auditioning, please fill out the application form here.

The Talent is an exciting live performance program which assists young performers at the start of their careers by broadcasting recitals by musicians who are currently studying at a tertiary institution, performing at a high level at school, or are within one year of graduating.

To have a listen to an example of The Talent, why not listen to our podcast? Click the link below.

Listen to “The Talent Series 4 Ep. 12”.


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