Berta Brozgul


Berta Brozgul graduated from the Mozarteum in Salzburg with Highest Honours for both the Bachelor and Masters in Performance, under tutelage of Professor George Kern. H teacher was the legendary Rosa Lhevinne. Berta received the Mozarteum Stipendium on two occasions.

Berta is currently in the performance program at the Australian National Academy of Music, teacher Timothy Young. South African born, Berta moved to Australia at the age of 11. The love of music stems from the home: with a music teacher as mother and father who started life as a violinist in Georgia (in the former USSR), there was always music in the house. Piano lessons with her Mom were informal and most notably in the beach house in the Kogelberg region near Cape Town.

In Melbourne, Berta attended specialist music school VCA, studying with Donna Coleman. She won all awards for solo and chamber music. She received the Margaret Schofield prize for best music student in the state of Victoria in 2007. Competitions include National Yamaha (State Finalist), Chopin Competition in Ballarat (First Prize), Lev Vlassenko competition in Brisbane (fourth prize and orchestra vote for best concerto) and Australian National Piano competition in Shepparton.

She played in numerous masterclasses, amongst others Boris Berman, Berndt Goetzke, Yvonne Loriod and John Lill. Recordings include ‘Liederabend’ with tenor Christopher Saunders and Bach Keyboard concerti with the Mozarteum Orchestra. She participated in Horowitz Centenery celebrations and complete Chopin Preludes in Florence and Salzburg. She was an invited performer in the 2016 Sydney International Competition.


Berta will be performing the Chopin Fantasy in F Minor Op. 49 on August 1st.


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