Season 2 2019 Performers Announced!

IMG_0206Following the recent auditions held at Monash University and ANAM, The Talent is excited to announce the 20 performers of Season 2!

A big congratulations to all of the wonderful musicians who auditioned. The standard was exceptional and it was a tough choice for the audition panel to chose only 20.

Season 2 of The Talent is live to air Tuesday 30 July at 7pm! Don’t forget to tune in to hear our wonderful performers each week.

Episode 1

Jessica Yu – Violin

Kane Chang – Piano

Episode 2

Jenny Lu – Piano

Hannah Shin – Piano

Episode 3

Rachael Joyce – Soprano

Elizabeth Potter – Mezzo Soprano

Episode 4

Adrian Meyer – Trumpet/ Flugelhorn

Daniel Yao – Violin

Episode 5

Gabriella Alberti – Flute

Jackie Wong – Violin

Episode 6

Dukaten Duo- Guitar Duo

Samuel Zong- Piano

Episode 7

Leanne McGowan- Violin

Harrison Steele – Holmes- Tenor Trombone

Episode 8

Xiao- Xiao Kingham – Piano

Olivia Federow- Yemm- Mezzo Soprano

Episode 9

Brama Quartet – Piano Quartet

Max Jiang – Piano

Episode 10

Caleb Murray – Cello

Chloe Lee – Piano


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