_MGL5412.1Gabriella Alberti – Flute 

Episode 5 || 27 August 7PM

Gabriella Alberti is a Melbourne-based flutist, who is passionate about nineteenth and twentieth century French flute music.

She is currently undertaking her BMus Honours at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, where she learns from Mardi McSullea. She also performs as a member of the Melbourne Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra.

Gabriella’s solo performances have seen her achieve second place at the prestigious Leslie Barklamb Scholarship Competition in the VCE/IB section in 2014. She was also asked to perform as part of the Top Sound Category in the Victorian Season of Excellence at the Melbourne Recital Center in 2016.

Gabriella also teaches, and enjoys sharing music with her young students. She also is a care worker for children, which has provided her with an interest in perusing a career in music therapy. Gabriella is excited to further develop her musical expression, as 2019 sees her embark on an array of performances and preparations for further musical study.


She will be performing:

  • Jacques Ibert Concerto for Flute and Piano.



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