_MGL5349.1Dukaten Duo – Guitar

Episode 6 || 3 September 7PM


Dukaten Duo, featuring Deniz Kaplan (Guitar) and Dane Douglas (Piano), is an ensemble dedicated to promoting, and in some cases reviving, the vast range of repertoire written for guitar and keyboard spanning the Baroque to Modern Periods.


Founded in 2018, the Melbourne-based ensemble take their name from the “Dukaten Concerte” – a Viennese concert series held in 1815, featuring the virtuosi Mauro Giuliani (Guitar) and Johann Hummel (Piano).


From one of the most common instrumentation combinations in the 19th century, to one of the most obscure today; much of Deniz and Dane’s time is spent searching libraries or forgotten online catalogues, researching works that have rarely – and in some cases never – been recorded.


Both members of the ensemble studied at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and are passionate about sharing this music with audiences from all walks of life. Deniz and Dane are both firm advocates for historical performance practice and are excited about continuing further studies in this field.


They will be performing:

  • Introduction and Fandango for Guitar and Harpsichord – Luigi Boccherini arr. Julian Bream
  • Bolero Op.39 – Jose Ferrer
  • Fantasia Op. 145 (I. Andantino) – Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco



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