Episode 3: Kit Millais

Kit Millais header

Photo: Daniel Spellman

Who is Kit Millais?

Kit Millais is a trombone performer, band leader and educator from Melbourne. He creates opportunities to showcase new artistic ideas and educational concepts to help innovate the music culture in the 21st century.

As a performer, Kit works in a range of ensembles and styles. He has performed with the ARTS8 collective (a project based interdisciplinary art ensemble), the Australian Youth Orchestra, and the University of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He leads the Hot Socks Big Band as well as being a member of Kavanagh Brass and a featured performer of the New Stage Concert Series. Additionally, he continues to volunteer his time with many community orchestras and opera companies in Melbourne, as well as performing chamber music and participating in musical theatre productions.

As an educator, Kit teaches privately and works in a few schools around Melbourne. He develops online educational resources to assist his students outside of the classroom. He has produced a series of video recordings to help his students improve and develop their musical skills. He looks to inspire his students with his own artistic direction as well as inviting them to be involved with the great local music scene in Melbourne.

Kit is involved with a number of pursuits in addition to performance and education. These include radio presenting on 3MBS, organising chamber and solo music performances, organising events, and researching trombone mute characteristics. Currently, Kit still volunteers at 3MBS, is a member of Kavanagh Brass.

What piece of music inspires him?

  • Gabriel Phillippot: Invocation demoniaque
  • Heptatrip: Ballade pour huit vents

What is he playing on the show?

  • Eri Ewazen: Sonata for Trombone and Piano Mvt. 1 Allegro Maestoso
  • Joseph Edouard Barat: Andante et Allegro



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