Catching up with…pianist Christopher Wong

Pianist Christopher Wong. Photo credit: Jacinta Keefe

Pianist Christopher Wong is no stranger to The Talent, having appeared both as a contestant several times, as well as an associate artist. In our recent catch-up, Chris tells us what he’s been up to, how COVID has given him the opportunity for musical self-reflection and growth, and how meditation has been key to helping him through lockdown.

Thanks for catching up with us, Christopher. When did you last appear on 3MBS, and on which programme?

Last year, I had the pleasure to speak with presenter Tim Hannah Music in Melbourne. I have also appeared on The Talent numerous times from the past few years, both as a contestant and an associate artist. 

What have you been up to since your last appearance at 3MBS?

Last year, I completed my Master of Music degree and have been freelancing in Melbourne. The transition was quite daunting at first, but I am learning to get used to it!  

How are you coping during lockdown?

I was previously not in the right mindset prior/during lockdown, and have experienced burnout during my studies. After taking a short hiatus from the piano, I became inspired to get back at it this time, with a refreshed mindset! 

How has COVID impacted your live/music/creativity?

COVID cancelled the majority of projects I had planned to work on with my colleagues, however it gave me more time for self-reflection. This gave me the inspiration to start making music on my terms, and start developing a human connection with the piano. 

What’s your number 1 strategy for beating the lockdown blues?

While I try to work out and cook as much as I can, meditation has changed me for the better. I adopted a renewed mindset where I practice gratitude for the qualities I possess, and spend less time worrying on the things I do not have. 

What do you look forward to most post-lockdown?

Sharing my newfound musical vision with everyone. Every day, I have been learning to restore humanity back into the music, and I want to show the audience how much music can genuinely affect you in so many ways. 

How can we support you and your music?

You will see me once again performing all over Melbourne once lockdown ends. I have a Facebook page, however I need to get cracking on my personal website!

You can keep up with pianist Christopher Wong on social media:

You can also listen to his performance on The Talent in 2018 here.

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