Multi-Instrumentalist Ryan Lynch // Young Performer Summer Series

Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lynch. Photo credit: Clay Waddell

This week on the Young Performer Summer Series, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lynch, with associate artist Elyane Laussade, will be performing live-to-air an exciting, all-Australian programme of works by Stuart Greenbaum, Elena Kats-Chernin and Paul Stanhope.

Ryan is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and freelance musician working across Australia with a focus on contemporary classical styles and musical theatre. He started his musical journey at the age of 10. Unwavered by the likes of Mozart and Beethoven, it was Lisa Simpson who first ignited Ryan’s passion for the saxophone.  

Outside of his music studies at the University of Melbourne, Ryan’s musical highlights have been performing with Melbourne Opera, Opera Australia, Hugh Jackman’s Australian tour and guest performing with the Northern Contemporary Collective in Leeds. In the future, Ryan looks forward to starting his own ensemble with a emphasis on Australian composers and artists.

Join us to hear Ryan and Elyane perform at 7pm tonight! Streaming live on Facebook, or listen to the live broadcast on your radio at 103.5FM 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne.


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