Episode 6: pianist Ray Liang

Pianist Ray Liang. Photo credit: Cameron Jamieson

Our second performer on The Talent tonight is pianist Ray Liang.

Ray Liang was just freed from a double degree in music and science and currently is completing his Honours year of study at Monash University.

Over the past few years, Ray has studied under a plethora of pedagogues, including the likes of Jerry Wong, Kenji Fujimura, Kristian Chong, and Robert Chamberlain. As a result, he has generated an interest in himself for all varieties of music, from baroque to the 21st century. Though, he finds himself deeply invested in the colours and textures of the early-mid 20th century – particularly the likes of Ravel, Rachmaninov and Hyde. Ray also enjoys partaking not only in the loneliness of solo playing, but also that of chamber music.

In previous years, his list of achievements include that of the Bernies Music Land Classical Piano Award at Monash University, as well as representing Monash University as a part of the Lyceum Club’s Margaret Sutherland Bursary.

Ray will perform:
1. Miriam Hyde: Valley of Rocks
2. Rachmaninoff: Piano Sonata No. 2 (1931 revised version)

Hear Ray Liang perform on The Talent tonight at 7pm! Tune in to 103.5FM 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne, or stream the broadcast at 3mbs.org.au.


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