Watch The Talent Season 2 Finale Episode

Congratulations to finalists Jun Gardiner, Sophia Shaw, and Amanda Pang who performed on the Finale Episode of The Talent Season 2 2022 on Tuesday night. Mentors, Dean Sky-Lucas and Nicolette Fraillon were impressed by all performers on the night, awarding first place to cellist Jun Gardiner, and unable to separate violinist Sophia Shaw and pianist Amanda Pang who were awarded joint second place.

Catch up on the Finale Episode below.

The episode also featured a repeat of Devina Christi’s performance after it was announced the pianist had won our Audience Prize.

Jun, Sophia, Amanda, and Devina were awarded a generous collection of prizes donated by 3MBS and our sponsors.

The finale episode was made possible thanks to our generous volunteers:

  • Host: Heather Fletcher
  • Season mentor: Dean Sky-Lucas
  • Guest mentor: Nicolette Fraillon
  • Sound engineer: Kieran McCooey
  • Panellist: Greg Matheson
  • Live stream producer: Sam Bignell
  • Broadcast assistant:
  • The Talent producer: Jem Sherwill

At the end of the finale episode.
Back: Dean Sky-Lucas, Sam Bignell, Kieran McCooey.
Middle: Sophia Shaw, Jun Gardiner, Nicolette Fraillon, Amanda Pang.
Front: unknown, Kieran McCooey, Heather Fletcher, Gail Southwell
Photo credit: Jem Sherwill

The Talent will return in 2023. Interested in auditioning? Let us know!


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