Example Biography

A great biography is one that gives the reader a glimpse into the musician behind the instrument. Try to balance key facts and important achievements whilst showing a little of your personality or what inspires you. Remember that no one wants to read a 500 word list of every eisteddfod you’ve won.


Jane Smith is passionate pianist who invigorates her audiences with her passion for Australian contemporary works. Originally studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music under Professor Ian Holtham, Jane went on to study with Timothy Young at the Australian National Academy of Music. During her time at ANAM Jane developed a deep love of Australian chamber works alongside her existing passion for the great Romantics of the 20th Century.

Making her eisteddfod debut at the age of 8, Jane has an impressive track record across national and international stages. Recent highlights include being a finalist in the ABC Young Performer Award, the Sydney International Piano Competition, and the International Tchaikovsky Competition.

Currently Jane hopes to push her performance standard to new heights through further study in Europe in 2019. Jane currently freelances in Melbourne and aspires to work with a professional ballet company in the future alongside a vibrant chamber and solo performance career.