Violinist Gilda Ferrie

Catching up with…violinist Gilda Ferrie

Today's catch-up is with violinist Gilda Ferrie. Gilda was our very first performer on Season 2 of The Talent in 2018, and took out third place alongside winner Dindin Wang and second prizewinner Clancy McLeod. In our chat Gilda tells us of the challenges COVID has presented as a performer who is still at school, as … Continue reading Catching up with…violinist Gilda Ferrie

Catching up with…mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Potter

Mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Potter. Photo credit: Cameron Jamieson  It's time for another catch-up, this time with mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Potter. Elizabeth appeared on The Talent this time last year, with another one of our performers, pianist Sam Colcheedas. In our chat, Elizabeth tells us how this year has given her the opportunity to learn new skills with … Continue reading Catching up with…mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Potter