Introducing our new host, Heather Fletcher!

The Talent's new host, Heather Fletcher. We're very pleased to introduce our new host for The Talent, mezzo-soprano Heather Fletcher! Heather is a mezzo-soprano who has performed with Australia’s leading opera companies including Opera Australia, Victorian Opera, State Opera of South Australia, Pinchgut Opera, and the Australian Contemporary Opera Company.  Her operatic credits include Love Fail, … Continue reading Introducing our new host, Heather Fletcher!

Catching up with…mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Potter

Mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Potter. Photo credit: Cameron Jamieson  It's time for another catch-up, this time with mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Potter. Elizabeth appeared on The Talent this time last year, with another one of our performers, pianist Sam Colcheedas. In our chat, Elizabeth tells us how this year has given her the opportunity to learn new skills with … Continue reading Catching up with…mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Potter