Episode 9: cellist Jun Gardiner

Jun began learning the cello with Suzuki music teacher Takao Mizushima in Sydney at the age of 5. He relocated back to Melbourne in 2016 and completed his Suzuki study under Shoreh Phillips and currently studies under Michael Dahlenburg, cellist in the Australian String Quartet.

Episode 4: Tenor Leighton Triplow

Australian high tenor Dr Leighton Triplow specialises in the performance and study of early music, particularly that of the English Baroque. He completed a PhD in his mid-20s at the University of Melbourne under the supervision of Dr Erin Helyard, Dr David R. M. Irving, and Liane Keegan with a thesis and performance folio exploring constructs of gender performativity and character realisation in the secular songs of English Restoration composer Henry Purcell (1659–1695).

Kit Millais

Episode 3: Trombonist Kit Millais

Introducing our first performer for Episode 3 of The Talent, trombonist Kit Millais! Kit is a trombone performer, band leader and educator from Melbourne, Australia. He creates opportunities to showcase new artistic ideas and educational concepts to help innovate the music culture in the 21st century.

Episode 1 Guest Mentor: Carrie Barr

Our guest mentor for The Talent tonight is singer Carrie Barr. Carrie is one of Australia’s most versatile performers in Opera and Music Theatre with a career spanning over the last 30 years. She has established herself as a vocal teacher and mentor to many young professional singers and University Graduates and Masters students at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Melbourne passing on her many years of professional experience and solid vocal technique.