New Podcast! Got a question for our mentors?

Podcast featured image_7Apr2020


We know that lots of emerging musicians out there are brimming with questions about how to make it in the professional world. So, with The Talent on hold for the moment, we thought we’d put together a podcast where we ask our mentors your questions, and get their tips and advice.

We need your help!

We need to know what you want to ask. So, if you’re an emerging musician with a question (or questions!) for our mentors, simply fill out the form below, and

You can ask about anything to do with becoming or being a professional musician, from questions about your instrument and technique, ideal repertoire to learn, what auditions are like, how our mentors got started, what the life is like, how to get noticed…it’s up to you!

To submit your question, simply click on the link below. You’ve got until 11.55pm on 14 April (that’s next Tuesday!) to submit your question.

We look forward to receiving your responses!


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