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The Talent is an exciting live performance program on 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne which seeks to highlight the amazing abilities of up and coming musicians who have recently or are currently studying.

Series 1 – 2018 the program runs from August 6th until May 29th hosted by Jessica Carrascalao Heard and featuring our resident mentor Markiyan Melnychenko.

Series 2 – 2018 the program runs from July 31st until October 23rd, hosted by Jessica Carrascalao Heard and featuring our resident mentor Vanessa Sharman.

Series 1 – 2019 the program runs from March 5th until May 28th, hosted by Jessica Carrascalao Heard and featuring our resident mentor Leigh Harrold.

Each episode we welcome two new up and coming musicians to the program, who perform a program live on air and then receive feedback in the studio from our professional mentors.

Our top three performers are then invited back to 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne to give a final performance, with the winners being announced live on air on October 23rd.

You can have a say too in our audience vote! Vote once each series for your favourite performer to put them in the running for our Audience Favourite award, also announced at our finals on October 23rd.

The Talent has made possible by support from the Robert Salzer Foundation.


Our Prize Partners for The Talent 2018 – Series 1 of The Talent are Musica Viva, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, Limelight Magazine, and Cinema Nova.

Special thanks also go to the continuing support of The Australian National Academy of Music, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, and all of the 3MBS volunteers who make the program possible.